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Authentic Neapolitan pizza made in original handmade wood fired oven

Alessandro Bianco - “No Pineapple, no Pepperoni Campaign!”

Alessandro was born forty years ago in the south of Italy, in Naples, the home of the pizza. Since he was a child he has always had an enormous passion for cooking and baking. Combining his fascination with fire as a boy he developed a real passion for the pizza cooked in a real wood fired oven. His mother recounts how he was always to be found standing on a chair watching his uncles in the family business as they stretched and tossed the dough in the air. She clearly recalls his enraptured face peering into the oven and his shouts of glee when “la pizza e’ pronta” “the pizza is ready”.

His passion for pizza has never waned. Since his arrival in Northern Ireland he has felt an even greater appreciation and nostalgia for the pizza of his hometown. It was at this time that he came up with the idea of building his own pizza oven. Despite having no background in construction, he used ideas from the designs of oven manufacturers in Naples and built his own authentic wood fired oven which he had fitted into his mobile trailer. He was now ready to take his pizza to the road.

His idea was to share the authentic Napolitan experience of pizza with the public of Northern Ireland. Alessandro is really passionate about replicating the real experience of the pizza. He imports all his ingredients from Italy, from the Caputo 00 flour used in the best pizzerias in Naples to the tomatoes and mozzarella. Everything is 100% authentic Italian.

Alessandro follows closely the guidelines and techniques endorsed by the “Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana”. As anyone who has eaten Pizza in Naples will tell you, his pizzas are the real deal. For this reason he obstinately refuses to top his pizzas with pineapple or pepperoni, preferring instead to opt for the traditional freshness and goodness of the pizza Margherita or pizza Marinara. His passion for maintaining the authenticity of the pizza was recently recorded on Radio Ulster’s programme with John Toal “Our Takeaway love affair”.

Alessandro is most committed to debunking the myth that pizza is an unhealthy fast food option. He wants to spread the message that real authentic Napolitan pizza is actually healthy, organic and extremely tasty. He is determined to continue with his ‘no pineapple, no pepperoni campaign’ much to the delight of his ever increasing number of loyal customers who avidly follow his movements on Facebook. Alessandro’s dreams for the future are simple – to continue to spread the appreciation of the real Pizza throughout Northern Ireland.

Certified Maestro Pizza chef from I.N.P.

Winner Food Awards NI 2018

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